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paanduh replied to your post: I am the worst.

I am Jack and you are Doctor. /referringtogif

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Haven’t been on for weeks! Internet connections are nonexistent! 

I’m sorry!

I can’t be on for too long though, since I’m tethering from my phone! Don’t give up on my bb’s! I’ll be back before you know it



Just a few of my favorite blogs. I&#8217;ll be adding more soon! 
b2utyjjang - woonist -  seobway -  b2stlybabo -  doobug -  beastfinite -  yoseob-love -  dong-woon -  woonie-the-pooh 
General Kpop:
shinyeoshin -   daebak-shit -  damnrightk-pop -  maknaepackage -  southkoreans -  kwangaroo 
mireu -  xseunghonism -  pantslessho 
paandah -  descries -  kiwipan 
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Anonymous Asked:Dear ex bestfriend

You changed a lot, but maybe we both did. I wish you and your new happy family a whole lot of happiness. I know I was always the one you called when you had problems but it’s okay. I was glad to help you out. 

I will never forget out Tobae days!